Skin Affair has been created by experts with decades of experience using the best, globally sourced ingredients. Key elements in the range are Gatuline® Expression - a natural active that brings immediate improvement to the eye contour, reducing expression lines and wrinkles. The range also includes products with preBIULIN FOS a novel prebiotic complex to rebalances the skin microbiome.

Skin Affair is an expertly crafted and affordable South African skincare range which is Cosmos certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free.


Powerful and reversible action on muscle fibres:
The myorelaxant activity of Gatuline Expression was first tested in a model reproducing muscle contractions (nerve muscle co-ordination). The muscle contraction frequency was measured after incubation with Gatuline Expression at 0,6% and 1,2%.

Visible smoothing effect on fine lines:

The efficacy of an emulsion containing 2% Gatuline Expression was assessed versus placebo, using the fringe projection method on the crow's feet.
Gatuline Expression shows a significant smoothing effect on expression lines whereas the placebo has no effect. A significant decrease of skin roughness is observed from the first day of use.


Comparative tests were done in which the skin microbiota was disrupted by an ethanol disinfection with and without preBIULIN FOS. One hand was treated with 40% ethanol, the other with 40% ethanol and 1% preBIULIN FOS. At t=0, 5m and 4h, DNA swabs were taken, and the full microbiota composition was analyzed using DNA sequencing.
Without preBIULIN FOS, the microbiota developes an imbalance that becomes worse over time up. 4 hours after disinfection the microbiota is showing significant imbalances. When preBIULIN FOS is present, an imbalance seems to form initially, but the microbiota restores itself to be close to its original state after 4h.

Concentration of S.Hominis on skin explants after induced S. Hominis infection a.) without treatment, b.) after 40% ethanol disinfection (placebo) and 40% ethanol with 1% preBIULIN  FOS